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Why we are doing an elimination diet with our vegetarian toddler

Narottam has had moderately bad eczema slowly creeping up his back for the last few weeks. Its not exactly surprising as both Arjuna and I have a tendency towards eczema too, and we both have flare ups and remissions.

Last week he had a gastro bug which wiped him out for a few days poor little man, but his eczema cleared up. I am suspicious that this could have been because he wasn’t eating at all and therefore there were dietary triggers during this time.

While many people including naturopaths are into allergy testing, my preference is always the humble elimination diet, if you can do it. Why? Well, allergy and intolerance testing is complicated, and there is no one test that “does it all.” You would have to do multiple tests to get a clear picture. In New Zealand, functional medicine testing is also really expensive.  And personally I am really into evidence based medicine, so things like resonance testing etc. are not something that gel with me.

There are many different types of tests- some test for IgA mediated reactions, some for IgG reactions, some for IgG. Here is a great explnantion of the different types of immune reactions one can have to foods over on naturopathic pediatrics:

Yes elimination diets can take months unfortunately, and as I am breastfeeding too I also have to follow the diet. That’s the bad news: it takes quite a bit of perseverance. The good news is that I am already vegetarian, gluten, sugar and peanut free and was vegan for many years, so all I am really cutting out is dairy, soy, citrus and nightshades.

Narottam just woke up from his nap so I need to finish this spiel, but I will write a second post sharing some ideas of vegetarian todder friendly elimination diet meals and snacks next.

Take care

Madhava xx

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Hi, I'm Madhava Sangini. I'm a cook, a naturopath, a Mum, a musician and I practice Bhakti Yoga. I live in rural New Zealand with my husband and 1 year old son. I blog about Vegan/vegetarian cooking, healthy living, conscious parenting, music making, homemaking.... My interests are diverse and this blog is also quite diverse.

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