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Beginnings and buckwheat crackers

So it begins..!

I’ve been wanting to start a vegan blog for ages, and now here I finally am. I cook so much food anyway for so many people that it seems a shame not to record it in some way! I work in a yoga centre in central Auckland where we serve a meal after the yoga to the yogis, so my job is to cook the meal a few times a week. Although its a yoga centre, the food definitely has the “home cooked” feel to it. We serve everyone the same meal(25-80 people depending on the day) – we’re not a restaurant. I also cook for my flatmates a couple of times a week- so , my cooking comes in two varieties- super healthy Gluten free sugar free for the beautiful souls I live with and myself, and what I cook for the yoga guests -which definitely contains sugar and gluten 😉 (they don’t come here for sugar free gluten free!) So, half the time this blog will be health food, half the time not so much. Yay! Balance

Phew, now, onto the food!

Today’s lunch- of the “health food” variety. 

Super health food crackers

This makes at least 85 crackers. Trust me, they’ll get eaten 😉


250g quinoa flour

1.5 cups buckwheat flour + up to 1/2 cup more later on if the dough is too sticky

1 tspn aluminium free baking powder

Tapioca starch, for rolling

1.5 cups almonds

1.5 cups sunflower seeds

1/2 cup nutritional yeast

1tspn hing

1tspn paprika

2 pinches cayenne pepper (optional)

1tspn Himalayan salt (or more depending on how salty you like things)

2 pinches black pepper

sesame seeds, for sprinkling.


Soak the raw almonds and sunflower seeds in enough boiling water to cover them, or overnight in cold if you prefer.

Mix all the dry ingredients EXCEPT tapioca starch and sesame seeds. You might need to break up the nutritional  yeast first, don’t add it in lumps- I give it a whirl in the spice grinder, but fingers or mortar and pestle work just as well!

Blend up the almond/ sunflower seed/ water mixture so it becomes a texture similar to pesto. You don’t need to drain it first, just leave it as is. I used a stick mixer. So quick!

Mix the dry ingreds in with the nut/seed mix and form it into a very slightly sticky dough with your hands.

Get out your rolling pin, dust it and your working surface with tapioca starch (it makes them go nice and crunchy). Roll out thin and cut into rectangles or triangles, or use cookie cutters, whatever your heart desires! The dough is very fragile, so i used a metal spatula to transfer them to a baking tray.

Sprinkle with sesame seeds, give them a bit of a press with your finger to get them to stay put and bake them on trays with greaseproof paper. No need for oil or anything, they won’t stick. Bake for around 15 mins until crunchy and golden!

Carroty hummus: (this makes A LOT of hummus.) Maybe you might like to halve it.  Or, you could just have hummus on everything for the next few days, which wouldn’t be such a hardship after all. Anyway, I made this for 8 people, all with large appetites and we got through about 3/4 of it during an extended lunch time.

5 small carrots

3 cups chickpeas, soaked overnight

1/2 cup tahini

5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 bunch coriander, leaves removed and chopped

salt- 1-2 tspn

hing- 3/4 tspn

black pepper- 1 bug pinch

smoked paprika- several big pinches


Isn’t it wonderful how smoked paprika makes everything interesting?

Boil the chickpeas for about 25mins until they’re nice and soft. In the last 5 mins,add the carrots. Boil all together for about ten mins or until you can easily stick a knife through the carrots. Drain. Blend up with all other ingredients.

Ok, I think that’s me for today X


About Madhava.Sangini

Hi, I'm Madhava Sangini. I'm a cook, a naturopath, a Mum, a musician and I practice Bhakti Yoga. I live in rural New Zealand with my husband and 1 year old son. I blog about Vegan/vegetarian cooking, healthy living, conscious parenting, music making, homemaking.... My interests are diverse and this blog is also quite diverse.

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  1. Yay! I am SO super happy you are writing this blog! No I can learn about all your healthy, heartful cooking tips 🙂 Another way of getting your association I guess! Big bhakti hug! Gx

  2. yum, i’m totally going to be making that hummus… tonight.
    glad you are doing a blog 🙂
    and can i just say, it is so much better than your old one (‘orange monster’ i think it was called? haha)

    • Thanks Mace 🙂 I forgot to write lemon juice on the recipe! Add 2 lemons worth of lemon juice and it will be nicer. Haha, It is much better than orange monster. Do you still have fridgeswashingmachinesoven or whatever it was? X

      • oh, i think it is starving away in some distant dark corner of the internet…
        never got around to making it yesterday, but i have the next four hours to cook to my hearts content… so thats what i am going to be doing :p

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